CSIRO’s Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry report outlines the opportunities that a thriving quantum technology sector can unlock for Australia.

Seizing these opportunities takes unity and coordination to advance the interests of a quantum technology businesses and the whole industry sector in Australia. The Australian Quantum Technology Forum – AusQuantech – represents our shared interests and advocates for the development of a commercial quantum technology industry in Australia.

AusQuantech is run by volunteers. We are independent and non-partisan, seeking to represent our whole sector. We have no alignment to particular institutions or businesses. AusQuantech is unified voice to support and advocate for our common goals of developing a sustainable, local quantum technology industry in our nation, and promoting a quantum technology future for Australia.

What can you do?

Volunteer to help with our Quantum Business Survey and Consultation
AusQuantech needs your help to understand the needs of quantum businesses in Australia and how we can generate more businesses from our quantum research and technologies.We will be conducting a survey of the quantum community to gather information about the quantum business landscape and commercialising quantum technologies in Australia.

Click here to volunteer!

Download our briefing paper
Please read our briefing paper and our slides presented to the Quantum Roadmap Taskforce. Think about the contents, implications, and what future you want to see for Australia’s QuanTech Sector.

Spread the message
Talk to other stakeholders, direct them to our website, show them the briefing paper, and ask if they are willing to help build our industry.

Email ausquantech@gmail.com and share your thoughts, comments, and opinions.
Tell us that you want to help out.
Make suggestions about how we should develop our industry in Australia.
Sign up to our mailing list and help make this happen.