AusQuantech is run by volunteers from Australia’s Quantum Technology community and for the whole Quantum Technology community.

We need you to help build Australia’s quantum future!

Steering Committee

AusQuantech takes strategic direction from an eminent steering committee which draws together views from academia, startups, defence, government, professionals, and investors. As we grow we this committee will expand to include the views of corporate Australia and overseas perspectives.

Dr Bronwyn Evans
CEO, Engineers Australia

Dr Cathy Foley
Chief Scientist, CSIRO

Ellen Gorissen
Investment Director, IP Group Australia

Prof Tanya Monro
Chief Defence Scientist, DST

Prof Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
Chief Investigator, EQUS
Placeholder portrait
Prof Michelle Simmons
Founder, Silicon Quantum Computing

AusQuantech Executive

Dr Michael Harvey – Founding Director and Organiser

More to come!